Best GE Microwave Convection Oven (2021)


GE Microwave Convection Oven

  • 0.9 cu. ft. capacity – 900 Watts (IEC-705 test procedure)
  • Convenience cooking controls
  • Operating made quick and easy
  • Auto and time defrost
  • Turntable – Rotates food throughout the cycle
  • Control lockout – Helps prevent accidental activation


GE Microwave Convection Oven – Perfect for Every House Chef

GE Appliances simplify your life with state-of-the-art technology and exceptional quality. These appliances have a timeless appearance and will complement your family’s décor. Moreover, coming from the most reputable name in the United States, this entire selection of appliances is as advanced as functional. 

These countertop microwave ovens are available in different colors and designs. The countertop microwave eliminates the need to alter or adjust your existing kitchen design; all you need is space on your countertop and an outlet.

GE Microwave Convection Oven, equipped with SmartHQ Wifi technology, allows you to access your timer from anywhere, scan-to-cook your favorite microwave meals, and make phone calls via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Features of GE Microwave Convection Oven’s that Surprise Everyone

Say hello to perfectly cooked meals from your microwave. Scan-to-Cook makes preparing microwave food easier and more efficient. 

If you use an Amazon Echo smart speaker, you can say something like “Alexa, add 30 seconds to the microwave,” and it will work. GE’s smart microwaves also work with Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa

The new .9 cubic-foot, 900-watt microwave has many high-tech features: you can scan the barcode on the back of your Hot Pocket to set the cooking time on the microwave using an app. 

Your microwave will notify you when it’s done cooking so that you won’t forget about your snack. If your popcorn doesn’t sound fully popped, you can also use your phone to add 30 seconds to your cooking time.

The only drawback is that preset generally doesn’t work with just one click but requests more information. 

The microwave is equipped with WiFi to communicate with the SmartHQ app for alerts, controls, and notifications. You need only Wi-Fi in your home and the SmartHQ app on your smartphone or tablet.

The Scan-to-Cook Countertop Microwave from GE is a stylish device despite its long name. It stands out in more subtle ways. Scan-to-cook will do that for you when you need to heat a meal on defrost or medium heat.


  • 0.9 cu. ft. capacity 
  • Lockout control prevents accidental activation
  • 900 Watts (IEC-705 test procedure)
  • Easy-to-operate controls
  • Easy to use
  • Frosting times and power levels are automatically or manually adjusted for better results.
  • Continual rotation of food on a turntable
  • If you need to lift it to a higher spot, it’s not too heavy
  • It is compact, has plenty of power, and looks great too
  • It fits perfectly in a small space
  • It heats food quickly and works great
  • Highly recommended, especially for the price