Best YI Mirror Dash Cam in 2021


YI Mirror Dash Camera

  • Two HD cameras
  • front-facing 1080p HD camera
  • Rear 720p HD camera
  • Comfortably over your existing rearview mirror
  • Integrated LCD 16:9 touchscreen
  • Mirror size: 12.25 inch x 3.25 inch
  • 240mAh battery 3.7~4.3V(with NTC)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for app connection


YI Mirror Dash Camera – Modernize Your Old Cars

Make your rearview mirror into a mirror with the features of a dashcam and an accompanying mirror. Mirror Dash Cam provides clear high definition images from both sides of your vehicle, improving visibility and creating a safer driving experience.

Dashcams are one of the most useful gadgets you can buy for your car if you want to feel safe at all times. Besides recording fun road trip videos, law enforcement and insurance companies can use the footage as evidence in case of an accident. 

This mirror dash cam alerts you when you start feeling fatigued after driving for longer than 2 hours. In case of an emergency, the camera automatically backs up footage using a built-in 3-axis sensor.

With this device, you get a 1080p front-facing camera, 720p rear visibility, and a 4.3″ touchscreen attached to your rearview mirror that displays traffic information.

Yi Mirror Dash Camera Design

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a mirror with a dash camera integrated. It’s a nice and wide rearview mirror with a great reflection. This best dash cam mirror is held in place by two rubber bands that stretch snugly around your existing mirror.

It has two rubber feet that press against your existing mirror, helping to prevent damage.

Simple Set-up

Material selection and design of the YI Mirror Dash Camera ensure that it mounts easily and stays in place while driving. With the adjustable elastic straps, you can easily mount the mirror camera over your original rearview mirror.

The 720p camera fits discreetly on the rear of your car. When a vehicle is reversed, the system automatically switches the mirror display to reflect what the rear camera can see. It is dustproof and waterproof, thanks to the IP67 rating.

Additional Features

  • YI Dash App on your smartphone allows you to view and playback videos live after your journey. 
  • 2.4GHz wireless technology lets you download videos to your phone anytime, anywhere, no matter where you are.
  • An all-glass 138° front-facing camera with an aperture of f/2.0 provides a wide-angle with excellent resolution.
  • This mirror dash cam is capable of recording three lanes comfortably. 
  • Four full-glass lenses and an infrared filter provide daytime and nighttime imaging.
  • A 138° ultra-wide-angle lens makes it an excellent choice for low-light viewing. 
  • An all-glass lens and high-sensitivity image sensor deliver superb live video to the display. 
  • This high-resolution camera with reverse detection is dust and water-resistant.
  • A 3 axis adjustable G-sensor allows the mirror dash cam to record emergency footage in the event of a collision automatically. 
  • Driver fatigue feature keeps you alert at all times.