Veeape Portable Air Compressor Buying Guide And Features


Veeape Portable Air Compressor

  • A built-in fan effectively dissipates heat
  • Inflates car tires, bike tires, balls, lawnmowers, etc
  • A built-in pressure gauge ensures a reliable and safe operation.
  • The lightweight design protects against overcurrent, overvoltage, and overcharge
  • Portable, lightweight, and compact
  • The memory function displays the last pressure value used.
  • Compact size 3,8 x 6 x 15,2 cm, is convenient for transport


VEEAPE Air Compressor – Easily Portable Mini Tire Inflator

A Veeape Portable Air Compressor is essential for powering air drills, staple guns, air ratchets, and inflating tires quickly. Portable air inflators compress air into metal tanks to create pressure for power generation. The device is lightweight, compact, and safe to use in hazardous environments.

VEEAPE mini electric portable air compressor, a cordless best air inflator perfect for bicycle tires, cars up to the size of an SUV, but cannot be used on big trucks, motorbikes, inflatable toys, swimming rings, balls, etc. 

The compressor is multifunctional not only because it can inflate any tire type but because it can also function as a Powerbank with its built-in 2000MAH AC / DC battery. It can also be used as a flashlight, so we could say that this air compressor is a lifesaver.

Features of VEEAPE Portable Tire Inflator

  • The Veeape Portable Air Compressor can inflate several different objects based on the selected mode. Each mode includes a special nozzle to attach to the tire you want to inflate.
  • VEEAPE air pump has a safety mode in which it automatically stops when a preset pressure is reached.
  • While its design is simple, the heat-dissipating fan is powerful. As a result, you can keep inflating the wheels using this compressor continuously.
  • It displays dual pressure on an LED screen.
  • Four adapters are available for motorcycles, bicycles, road bikes, scooters, wheelchairs, and other inflatables.
  • The digital tire inflator clearly displays the pressure in 4 units (BAR, PSI, KPA, Kg/cm²). 
  • It’s less noisy than the competition (although it’s still loud), most air pumps emit about 90dB, and the VEEAPE is optimized for about 80dB.
  • When the air compressor detects a low battery, it automatically shuts down to save a charge for an emergency.

What You Will get with this Tire Inflator

You will receive the following items in the package:

  • The VEEAPE electric air pump
  • An air hose
  • An air balloon needle
  • An adapter for the air nozzle
  • A swim ring mouthpiece
  • A micro USB cable for charges
  • A bag to transport it

How to Use the VEEAPE Air Inflator

It is very easy to use; just follow these steps:

  1. Press the power button for three seconds and then wait until all of the characters are displayed
  2. Select the inflation mode you need for the portable pump by pressing the settings button
  3. You can change the air pressure unit of measure using the U/LED button
  4. You can modify it with the +/- the standard pressure to adjust it to your tire’s needs.
  5. Press the power button so that it swells